SELEKT Formulae, Equipment & Parts


SELEKT Restore

A balanced formulation of dextrose and electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium, specifically designed for adult ruminants.

Key Points

  • Sodium chloride is in SELEKT Restore to maintain the acid-base balance in cows.
  • Potassium chloride is included to correct potassium levels.
  • Calcium and magnesium assist in maintaining plasma electrolytes in the cow.
  • Dextrose assists by making SELEKT Restore palatable.

Cows may be tubed, pump drenched or may drink of their own accord.

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SELEKT Antacid

Contains magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate to stabilize rumen acidity and dry yeast to support a healthy rumen flora. For use when rumen buffering action is likely to be required.

Key Points

  • SELEKT Antacid contains magnesium oxide, which is the most powerful antacid available.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is included to prevent the pH of the rumen liquor from rising above 6.5.
  • Lactic acid reduces the activity of cellulolytic bacteria. Yeast is included in SELEKT Antacid to stimulate the growth of bacteria that utilize lactate and digest cellulose.
  • Ispaghula husk is a fibre which may assist in reducing the amount of toxin free to be absorbed into the circulation.
  • Giving SELEKT Antacid in 20 litres of water will provide a source of fluid to the animal.
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For inappetant cows. Based on SELEKT Fresh Cow 500, but with potassium to compensate for anorexia, and gentian root to stimulate the appetite. Provides vital nutrients and supports the rumen flora.

Key Points

  • Contains calcium propionate, which will correct minor hypocalcaemia and provide a glucogenic energy substrate.
  • Contains potassium to reverse minor hypokalaemia, which is a common finding in inappetant cows and cows affected by a displaced abomasum.
  • SELEKT Off Feed contains 50 g of yeast in each sachet to promote the multiplication of cellulolytic bacteria and the utilization of lactate, and reduce the production of lactate.
  • Contains magnesium to stimulate cellulose digestion, which will in turn increase appetite.
  • There are anecdotal reports that gentian root, which is included in SELEKT Off Feed, promotes appetite.
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SELEKT Fresh Cow 500

For reduction of the risk of milk fever and ketosis in freshly calved cows. Also provides rehydration. Contains no potassium so does not block absorption of magnesium. Contains dry yeast to stabilize the rumen flora.

Key Points

  • SELEKT Fresh Cow 500 provides 108 g of calcium per dose in the form of calcium propionate, which contributes to serum calcium concentration over a 24-hour period.
  • Calcium propionate is also a valuable substrate for glucogenesis.
  • SELEKT Fresh Cow 500 provides 14.6 g of magnesium. This covers the daily requirement of the down-calving cow, with some surplus for correction of hypomagnesaemia.
  • Contains yeast to improve the health of the rumen flora.
  • SELEKT Fresh Cow 500 contains no potassium or phosphorus, both of which have been shown to increase the risk of milk fever.
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SELEKT Glycerol Plus – 6 Bottles

A glucogenic formulation to aid with the reduction of risk for ketosis in dairy cows. It contains glycerol and propylene glycol to deliver both a rapid and sustained increase in blood-glucose concentration.

Key Points

  • SELEKT Glycerol Plus contains two sources of energy to utilize two different glucogenic pathways:
    • propylene glycol gives a sustained release of energy.
    • glycerol, which has a similar calorific value to propylene glycol but is much less toxic, provides a rapid
      release of energy.
  • SELEKT Glycerol Plus contains yeast, to assist in the stimulation of the growth of bacteria
    that utilize lactate and digest cellulose.
  • It is important to give SELEKT Glycerol Plus in water because it has been shown that
    glycerol is glucogenic only when given in water. This also helps to correct dehydration.
  • Feed 1kg per head to cows every 8-12 hours mixed with 10 litres or more of warm water.
  • Contains Glycerol 630g, Monopropylene Glycol 320g, Dry Yeast 46g.
  • Can be used alongside SELEKT Restore sachet and fluid therapy.
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SELEKT Equipment

Equipment Includes

  • SELEKT Pump
  • SELEKT Drencher
  • SELEKT Collector
  • SELEKT 22 litre bucket and perforated lid
  • SELEKT Collector hose and tip
  • SELEKT Drencher hose and tip
  • SELEKT Mini Drencher
  • SELEKT Pump and Drencher combo
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Parts include

  • Bottom Coupling
  • Spilt pin
  • Snap hook
  • Top piece with gasket
  • Top coupling
  • Pump rod washer
  • Pump rod coupling
  • Pump and rod with handle
  • Nose tong
  • Hose washer
  • Bottom piece with gasket
  • Teflon coated washer
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