How does Alpheus work?

The patented Alpheus controlled release capsule provides a slow, constant release of Abamectin into your cattle for +/- 125 days of parasite protection.

One or two primer tablets are inserted simultaneously with the capsule, depending on the weight of the cattle. The primer tablet contains Levamisole and Oxfendazole, which kills all stages of parasites that are already in the cattle giving them a ‘cleanout’ dose. The capsule then slowly releases a daily dose of Abamectin that targets the  L3 larvae as they are ingested by the cattle. The larvae are killed before they can turn into adult worms minimising damage to the host animal’s gut.

The Alpheus difference

Other anti-parasitic products on the market work on killing all stages of parasites for a short period of time. No other product provides +/- 125 day of continuous efficacy.

With Alpheus your cattle have full parasite protection for +/- 125 days, meaning you only have to bring them in once in a four month period saving valuable labour time. With all other anti-parasitic products available in New Zealand the recommended dosing is every 28 days.

You can administer Alpheus simultaneously with other controlled release products such as zinc for FE and trace elements. As the Alpheus capsule floats on top of the ruminal fluid it doesn’t impact on other treatments that sink to the bottom such as zinc boluses.

With the correct use of Alpheus anti-parasitic capsules your cattle will have minimal gut damage, thanks to complete parasite protection for a prolonged period of time. This results in greater weight gain, increased milk production and higher conception rates , all which have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Working with resistance

With any active there’s always potential for resistance to develop. Alpheus has been specifically designed to be effective and sustainable. The capsule releases a constant dose of the active, which maintains the level above the recommended therapeutic mark. Drug release starts quickly and stops abruptly, meaning a very short period of time below the therapeutic level.

Using Alpheus

Using Alpheus

Alpheus - Anti-Parasitic capsules is a once a year preventative treatment for parasites in R1 cattle.

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125 days’ cover

Alpheus anti-parasitic capsules protect cattle for +/- 125 days from a wide range of endoparasites and ectoparasites.

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Alpheus Safety

Alpheus Anti-parasitic capsule has been shown to be safe even if mistakenly double dosed to 120kg calves.

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